• Good Living - Stay Healthy with Lavender

    Good Living- Stay Healthy with Lavender

    Open your beauty closet and there are high chances that you will find at least one product that contains lavender. Though it is only recently that we have become aware of the role of lavender in good living, studies suggest that lavender is being admired for its beneficial properties since long. According to a report

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  • Healthy Lifestyle,Physical Activities

    Lead a Healthy Lifestyle with Physical Activities

    Experts claim that exercise is a crucial aspect of healthy lifestyle. While diets can help you to lose weight, exercise allows you to tone up your body and provides you with various other benefits. Apart from improving your physical health, regular exercise encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle by enhancing your emotional health. According

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  • Drink Smart to Lose Weight

    Many people, despite following a healthy diet, fail to fulfill their weight loss goals. Experts believe that in many cases, extra liquid calories are to be blamed for this failure. Speaking on this issue, Barry Popkin, professor, University of North Carolina says, “We don’t compensate for what we drink by cutting back on food. We

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  • Healthy Ideas for Dinner Parties

    Healthy dinner parties are the latest rage these days. According to an article in Huffington Post, dinner parties have undergone major changes these days. While earlier people were less concerned about the food served at parties, now most are conscious about their eating habits. Yes, even at parties. Experts agree that this adds an additional

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