Make your Back Stronger with Yoga

Make your Back Stronger with Yoga

“After working for hours in front of my computer, I have developed a severe back ache”. Does it sound familiar? Well, it’s not just your story; it is a common problem which is faced by majority of us, thanks to our hectic lifestyle. Even with a bad back, you go on working for days. However, it is extremely necessary to take steps to reduce the discomfort and pain. This is possible when you maintain a proper workout regime. Not only that, you must stick to that regime if you want to get results. Yoga is a very popular way to make your back stronger. Here are some yoga poses which will help you to get rid of the back pain.

Mountain Pose

For a stronger back, you need to make your hamstrings and hip stronger. If they are strong, you may have lesser pain. The Mountain Pose will help you do exactly that.

  • Stand with your neck straight and your shoulders back in such a way so that you do not feel uncomfortable. Breathe deeply.

  • Now bring your left foot backwards and twist it 90 degrees, so that your body opens out.

  • Make a Triangle Pose with your legs straight. Bring down your right hand in the direction of the floor and lift your left arm over your head.

  • You will feel a slight strain in your hamstrings. Hold this position for some time and repeat for the other side.

Cat-Cow Pose

This pose will help you to build up the flexibility of your back. When your back muscles become supple, you will have lesser back pain.

  • Go down on all fours and look at the ground. Your knees should be aligned to your hip and your wrists to your shoulder. Your weight should be evenly distributed to your knees and hands, your fingers should press down. Breathe in deeply.

  • Now breathe out and apply pressure on your hands. Curve your spine, so that your abdominals are pulled inwards. Lower your head. In this position, your mid-back and upper back should be pointing towards the ceiling. This is the cat posture.

  • Now breathe in again and curve your tailbone towards the ceiling. Your chest and ribs should now be lowered in the direction of the floor. Raise your head, eyes and sternum towards the ceiling. Your shoulders should be away from your ears and the pressure should be on your wrists. This is the cow posture. Repeat the above step and this step for 10 breaths.

These two yoga poses will help your back to become stronger and hence keep back pain at bay. But, if you want to reduce your existing back pain, you can try out Cobra Pose, Child’s Pose and the Thread the Needle Pose. While doing yoga, always keep in mind not to stress yourself. You must take it slowly to get the best results.

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