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Healthy Lifestyle – Get Rid of Exercise Excuses

Exercise is the secret to lose weight, to stay in shape and lead an overall healthy lifestyle, claims a new study. According to a report presented at the meeting of the Obesity Society, regular physical activities can help people to lose fat and reduce stress. While many of us are aware of the contribution of physical activities in a healthy lifestyle, we have loads of excuses ready for not exercising. Thankfully, opting for few healthy ideas can help you to overcome these excuses and get in shape.


Excuse 1- I do not have time to exercise

Healthy living experts say that this is the most common excuse of Americans for not taking up physical exercises. We tell you how to overcome this excuse and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

For good living, start walking to work

If you do not have the time to exercise in the morning, make a healthy choice by walking to your office. Emily Eynon, a financial analyst, opts for this trick for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. She says that on days she is unable to go the gym, she makes a healthy choice by walking to and from work. In fact, she is so determined to lead a healthy lifestyle that she walks even on cloudy days. As Emily says, “The bad weather actually makes me go faster! And I keep an extra umbrella at the office in case it’s raining.” If you are not comfortable with the idea of walking to and from your work, lead a healthy lifestyle by walking during the lunch break.

Take advantage of the free time

Many of us waste our time by doing unproductive work during office breaks. Experts suggest that you could fulfill your weight loss goals by exercising during these breaks. Adrienne Tabo, an architect, reveals that her workdays are usually hectic. However, the pressure is comparatively less during the late afternoon and she utilizes this time by hiking in the hills near her office. She finds this exercise mentally refreshing and says that it has contributed in her desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Excuse 2- I am too old to start exercising

The fact that you can exercise only during your youth is largely a myth, say experts. They reveal that there is no ideal age to take up exercising and you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle even if you start exercising late in life. Gregg Warshaw, who is associated with the geriatrics division of the University of Cincinnati, says, We get more illnesses as we get older. If you’re in good shape and you get bad illnesses, you’re likely to recover faster. That’s another reason why exercise is so important to people as they age.” Therefore, put on those running shoes and start leading a healthy lifestyle. Talking to your doctor before you start exercising can be a healthy idea.

Excuse 3- I have a baby

Exercise with your kid

Experts suggest that a fun away to get fit after you had a baby is to involve your child in the exercise sessions. Patricia Herren, who gave birth to a baby daughter recently, used to lead a healthy lifestyle by swimming for five days a week before she got pregnant. Since she can afford devoting only limited time to physical activities now, she exercises by pushing her kid’s stroller for two miles regularly. To work on her glutes and legs, she walks a lot on the hilly terrain.

Live well by turning your home into a gym

If you cannot afford to move out of the home because of your kid, you can opt for simple exercises at the home. That was exactly what Tiffany Morton; a real-estate agent, did when she had to stay at home for her baby. Morton reveals that for healthy living, she hired a trainer who taught her simple exercises that she could do at home.

Experts say that while many factors can prevent you from taking up exercise routines, the trick is to make these factors work in your favor. Modify your exercise sessions a bit and you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle forever.


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  1. steves yok -  1-31 - 10:48 pm

    Aerobic exercises do not need to be boring. You can dance to the latest music, taebo, or any aerobic routine that you enjoy.

  2. Milena Parker -  1-31 - 12:22 pm

    Physical exercises are useful in any age – it’s my opinion. No matter have you children or not – exercises will only improve your mood and physical shape. Do exercises with the whole family – it’s the best way out!

  3. Steven Clark999 -  1-31 - 9:57 am

    Yoga is better than exercise,, it gives you mental and physical fitness as well.


  4. Radu -  1-31 - 6:20 pm

    My biggest excuse is that after work I am simply too tired and lazy to go to the gym…

  5. Anonymous -  1-31 - 2:45 am

    Having a healthy lifestyle is really important in our daily
    living. Proper discipline in ourselves is needed. It is one way on how we could
    get rid of any complications that may cause of breakdown of our health.


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