Good Living - Stay Healthy with Lavender

Good Living- Stay Healthy with Lavender

Open your beauty closet and there are high chances that you will find at least one product that contains lavender. Though it is only recently that we have become aware of the role of lavender in good living, studies suggest that lavender is being admired for its beneficial properties since long. According to a report released by University of Maryland, lavender was traditionally used for improving sleep quality and purifying the body. We suggest few healthy ideas regarding how you can use lavender to look more beautiful and enjoy good living.


Make a healthy choice by detoxing your skin with lavender

Health experts say that the daily grind, pollution and stress can take a toll on your skin, making it dull and coarse. According to their opinion, lavender contributes in good living by making your skin supple and by reducing the harsh effects of pollutants. Claude Saliou, director, Johnson & Johnson explains, “It contains powerful antioxidants that will prevent and counteract the irritating effects of pollutants on the skin. Plus, studies have shown that elevated stress results in rough skin, so lavender can improve skin by acting as a mentally calming agent.” Enjoy good living by opting for a lavender-infused body wash. It will make your skin soft and soothe your frayed nerves.

Lavender makes relaxing easy

Most of us are aware of the fact that lavender is one of the most popular herbs that is used in body lotions and massage oils. Of course, it smells nice but experts reveal that it is not the only reason why it is so popular. Aromatherapists say that lavender allows one to enjoy good living by relaxing the body and mind. Alan Hirsch, neurological director, the Smell and Taste Research Foundation reveals, “The scent of lavender increases alpha waves in the area of the brain responsible for relaxation.”

The fact that lavender contributes in good living by reducing stress has been proved by another study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study revealed that linalool (a fragrant compound) is effective for reducing stress and lavender is a plant that has the highest concentrations of this compound. Experts say that for enjoying healthy lifestyle; put few drops of lavender oil in the bubble bath. Alternatively, opt for the healthy habit of applying lavender oil post-shower.

Sleep well with lavender

Apart from allowing you to enjoy good living while you are awake, studies suggest that it can be effective for enhancing the quality of your sleep. Healthy living studies published in Sleep Medicine Reviews highlighted the fact that lavender oil promotes relaxation and enhances sleep quality. According to another study reported in the International Journal of Neuroscience, lavender oil promotes good living by improving mood, sleep quality and enhancing concentration. Hirsch says that lavender contributes in good living by shortening the time that it is required for falling asleep and by lulling you into deep sleep quicker. For enjoying quality sleep, spray few drops of lavender oil on your temples and wrists.

Use lavender to enjoy the special moments

Lavender is no ‘magic’ love potion. However, Hirsch declares that lavender can be used for enhancing arousal in men.

Opt for lavender to reduce hair fall

University of Maryland states that in one study, people suffering from alopecia areata noted significant improved after using lavender and other essential oils for seven months. However, lavender oil was used along with other essential oils and therefore, scientists are not sure whether the lavender oil alone or the combination of all oils promoted hair regrowth.

Relish good living and enhance your well-being by making lavender an essential aspect of your daily life.


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  1. herbal medicines -  1-31 - 10:20 am

    Lavender Oil is one of the most versatile of all essential oils.There are many natural healthy benefits to be gained by Diffusing and
    Inhaling or Massaging the body using Lavender Essential Oil.


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