Easy & Effective Tips to Build your Back

Easy & Effective Tips to Build your Back

If you have been dreaming of getting a lean back, and doing nothing for it, your dream will never turn into reality. Your large muscles, core muscles as well as small muscles have to be worked upon if you want to shape up your back. Here we will provide you with some easy, yet effective tips that can make your dream come true.

  • Use resistance bands

Elastic exercise bands, more commonly referred to as resistance bands are a great tool to shape up the back. Use these bands and work out with them. First you need to fix the position of the band by wrapping it around some stable object. Now sit on a chair or a Swiss ball, facing the stable object. Now hold the ends of the band by extending your arms in the front. Holding the resistance band, pull your hands far back, so that your back muscles are squeezed as much as possible. Do not go out of your comfort level. Repeat the same process for 10 to 20 times.

  • Hit the pool

Nothing works better than swimming, when it comes to working out your back muscles. The arch of your back will be beautifully sculpted if you swim regularly. Even extra fatty deposits around your back and triceps will be reduced. If you don’t know how to swim, you can imitate swimming actions on the ground. Lie down on your belly, raise your legs and arms from the ground and move them as you would, if you were swimming.

  • Lat Pulldowns- a wonderful exercise

While there are many exercises which you can do to get a sexy back, Lat Pulldown is really helpful. It will shape up the sides of your back and create a ‘V’ shape. Your waist will look slimmer because of that. You can do this exercise either under a trainer in a gym or you can practice at home with an elastic exercise band.


Secure the band to a door and hold the handles of the band. Your hands should be at a shoulder width distance and your palms should face downward. Increase the distance till the band is stretched. Now, kneel down on one knee and lean in the forward direction so that your elevated knee touches your stomach. When you are constricting your back, pull down the handles of the band. When returning to the original position, you just have to follow the automatic upward flow of the band. Now stretch again. Perform 3 sets with 10 reps, having a break of 60 seconds between each set.

Do not overdo things. You must always exercise in a controlled way and maintain a healthy diet as well. Make sure, you consult your physician before you perform any exercise.

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