Weight Loss- 10 Diet Rules That Can Be Broken

Looks familiar?

  • Eat at the same time every day to lose weight
  • Starving is useful for fast weight loss
  • After dinner, do not eat anything

Most of us are familiar with these diet rules that promise to shed off the extra fat that we are desperately trying to lose. Experts, however, say that most of these diet rules do not have any scientific basis and will not contribute to healthy living in any way. Speaking on this issue, Elizabeth Somer, who has written good living book such as’ 10 Habits That Mess Up a Woman’s Diet’ says, “Some are half-truths, some are complete myths, and some are clearly more harmful than others, but most of them won’t help you lose weight or make dieting any easier.” We provide few diet rules that can be broken, without harming your desire to lose weight.

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Rule 1- Eating at night will interfere with your weight loss plans

Many people believe that eating at night can make you pile on the pounds faster as compared to eating during the day. Samantha Heller, who is associated with New York University, says that the main criterion for shedding weight is to consume lesser number of calories than what you are burning off. Calories can be consumed during the night or the day and it will not make any difference to your weight loss plans, provided you stick to your ideal calorie intake.

Rule 2- Eating at the same time every day is a healthy idea

Not necessarily, say experts. Somer states that you can eat when you feel hungry and eating at the same time every day will not make any drastic difference to your weight loss goals. Health experts further add that forcing yourself to starve when you are hungry or eating when you are full will make it difficult for you to stick to your healthy eating plans. To lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, listen to your body.

Rule 3- Make a healthy choice by avoiding red meat

Experts agree with the fact that red meat has a bad reputation for its high saturated fat content. However, they state that if you love red meat, there is no need to exclude it completely from your diet plans. Red meat is a good source of protein and Jonny Bowden, a weight loss coach says, “Protein takes longer to digest, so it keeps you full”. For meeting your weight loss plans, stick to smaller and leaner portions of the red meat.

Rule 4- A diet buddy can make your weight loss plans easier

Experts reveal that this weight loss trick can work only for certain people. Abby Aronowitz, who has written the popular book ‘Your Final Diet’, says,” If one buddy fails and the other doesn’t, it clearly upsets the balance, and could cause tension and embarrassment.” Therefore, to fulfill your weight loss plans, be careful while choosing your buddy.

Rule 5- Weight loss plans may be hampered if you eat anything after dinner

Experts say that it is a myth that eating healthy foods after dinner will interfere with your weight loss goals. They say that as long as you are sticking to your ideal number of calories throughout the course of 24 hours, your weight loss plans will not be hampered. According to the opinion of experts, forcing yourself to starve when you are dying to eat may rather have an adverse effect on your overall well-being.

Christine Mastrangelo, who is associated with New England Nutrition Associates, believes that metabolism can slow down if you do not provide your body the fuel when it requires it. Remember that the secret of your weight loss plan lies in choosing healthy snacks such as a fruit, a whole-wheat sandwich or a cup of plain yoghurt when you are struck by cravings post-dinner.

Experts agree that to fulfill weight loss goals, you need to have loads of patience and determination. However, being aware of the correct diet rules can make your weight loss journey a little smoother.


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  1. bariatric surgery -  1-31 - 12:13 am

    Excellent article on weight loss. I am currently using liquid diet for weight loss and little bit exercise in morning.

  2. Evanston Personal Trainer -  1-31 - 4:53 am

    I think we should got with fresh fruits and vegetables,
    this is cheap way to losing fat.


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