Tips for Perking Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism plays a vital role in weight management and you can win the battle against weight loss by enhancing the metabolic rate. Contrary to popular notions, metabolic rate can be modified with the implementation of few health tips. While it is true that metabolism depends on few pre-determined factors such as age, gender, fact remains is that you can change the rate at which the calories are burned. According to John Berardi, the author of the book The Metabolism Advantage, “You have a huge amount of control over your metabolic rate.”


Read on to know how little changes in your daily routine can help you to boost up your metabolism.

Opt for a Healthy Breakfast- Healthy eating habits in the morning can rev up your metabolic rate largely and thus help in weight loss. Starting the day with a poor diet forces the body to conserve energy (it becomes somewhat paranoid!) and this slows down the metabolism of the body. If you want to lose weight fast, opt for healthy eating habits in every morning. Consider the health tips of eating multigrain cereal in the morning. Make it tastier by adding apple slices, strawberries and low fat or skimmed milk.

Eat Protein- Developing the healthy eating habit of having protein for every meal will increase your metabolic rate. Remember that protein helps your body to build lean muscle mass. According to Donald Layman (professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois), muscle burns more calories as compared to fat and this results in quick weight loss. All those who want to lose weight fast will be delighted to know that lean muscle muss burns calories even when the body is resting. A good health tips would be to include approximately 90 grams of protein as part of your diet (split up this ideal quantity of protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Eat Small Meals- Another good way you can enhance your metabolism and thus enjoy quick weight loss is by eating small meals throughout the day. Rather than eating 2-3 huge meals throughout the day, implement the healthy tips of eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Sticking to a proper diet, all throughout the day will contribute in quick weight loss. This healthy eating habit will help you to lose weight fast, provide the necessary energy and prevent overeating.

Boost Metabolism with Dairy- According to a recent study (by University of Copenhagen), including calcium-rich foods in the diet can help to enhance your metabolism. Opt for low fat, calcium rich foods such as skimmed milk, plain yoghurt that will provide you with the require nutrition, while allowing you to stick to healthy eating habits.

Drink Plenty of Water- Along with a good diet and healthy eating habits, start drinking loads if water. Water flushes out waste materials from the body, keeps the skin healthy and boosts the metabolic rate.

Build muscle- We mentioned above that lean muscle muss contributes in a higher metabolic rate. A regular exercise program that includes both aerobic and non-aerobic exercises will help you to build and maintain lean muscle mass and thus lose weight fast.  Remember that for bossing your metabolism, a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine are equally important.

Have enough sleep- If you are looking forward to perk up your metabolism, hit the sack for 7-8 hours. You may be following a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime, but if you don’t get enough sleep, your body’s ability to burn calories may reduce drastically. So consider the health tips of getting adequate sleep and kick-start your metabolism.

Implementing these health tips will rev up your metabolic rate and thus help you to lose weight fast.

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