Get Rid of the Diet Plateau

It is a great feeling when you manage to stick to healthy eating habits for long. The pounds start dropping quickly and you even manage to get into that little black dress. Unfortunately, no matter how great your diet plan is, at some point, you will be going through the phase known as the diet plateau. Kelly Guillory, personal trainer, CrossGates Athletic Club opines, “Weight plateaus are the most frustrating thing that my clients face. They are very real. The numbers on the scale do not move — it’s not just in your head.” We provide few healthy tips for outsmarting the diet plateau and fulfilling your weight loss goals.

Diet Plateau

Visualize a healthy you

Healthy living experts agree that to lose weight, you require a great deal of mental strength and determination. Katherine Tallmadge, who has written good living book such as ‘Diet Simple’ agrees with the fact that the mind is a powerful tool to fulfill your goals in life. And that includes weight loss as well. Tallmadge says, “Visualize yourself dancing at an upcoming celebration in a fabulous black dress. And then apply that vision every day to stay motivated.”

Pay attention to your diet

There are high chances that once you manage to lose weight to some extent, you will start indulging in junk foods, at least occasionally. However, this can sabotage your healthy living plans. Experts stress that to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to make natural foods such as fruits, veggies and milk a part of your diet. Guillory says that to get rid of the diet plateau, you should examine your eating habits honestly and make changes accordingly. He further opines that if you are not sticking to the healthy eating plan, you do not have the right to complain that you are not losing weight.

Vary your exercise routine

Experts agree that if you perform the same exercises repeatedly, the body gets comfortable and takes longer time to respond.  According to Guillory, in such a situation, you need to choose various exercises to lose weight. For example, you may swim today, do weight lifting tomorrow and participate in a group fitness class the next day. Vary your exercise routines so that you do not get bored and the body faces new challenges every day.

Limit eating out at restaurants

You may be exercising regularly, but if you have the tendency to eat out frequently, there are high chances that your aim to lose fat will be unsuccessful. Tallmadge opines the best way to stick to your diet plan while eating out is by ordering foods that are low in calories. Examples may include salads and grilled food. Tallmadge says that you may even consider packing rest of the food to home.

Be careful about the company that you keep

Many people do not realize that they often fall prey to unhealthy eating habits because of the company that they keep. Guillory agrees with the fact that though people may not sabotage your diet plans purposely, you may end up eating too much of junk in their company. You can consider the healthy idea of making these people understand the importance of fitness in your life.

Opt for a pedometer

Dr. Emily Senay, medical correspondent of The Early Show suggests that to get off the diet plateau, carrying a pedometer with you is a healthy choice. Walking is a great exercise to lose weight and this gadget will inform you about the number of steps that you are taking every day.   Dr. Emily Senay says that to lose weight, you must walk approximately 10,000 steps every day.


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  1. Craig L. - Get Ripped -  1-31 - 3:11 am

    One thing that helped me to break through a plateau in fat loss was to carefully monitor my calories each week. Any week that my body fat did not decline, I would reduce my daily caloric intake by about 250 calories. I kept this up until I reached my goal and it enabled me to keep progressing towards my body fat percentage goal without getting held up by extended plateaus.


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