Child Health US Statistics

Child Health: US Statistics

The health of a nation can be found reflected through the overall health of its child population since it is these children who represent the future. It is, thus, a basic responsibility of any country to take care of the physical, mental, emotional as well as social well-being of its children since it affects every facet of their lives; be it learning, growth or future employment, thereby affecting the future of the nation itself.

It is very necessary for parents to teach their children, healthy habits like eating hygienic and healthy food, sleeping on time as well as exercising regularly; right from the childhood that stay with them throughout their lifespan, thus helping avoid health issues.

But according to recent UNICEF reports, US falls among the worst of 29 wealthy countries in terms of child health. Yet so, it has also been found that US children were among the most likely to exercise daily.

United States also has one of the lowest levels of air pollution and is in the middle of overall educational achievement.

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