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Fantastic Fitness Tips for Working Women

Are you a working woman, managing your home and career at the same time? Is it taking a toll on your health? If so, you need to work out properly and maintain a healthy diet. When you are working at office, it is natural that you won’t get enough time to exercise. However, if you follow some easy tips, you can keep health issues at bay and lead a healthy… Read Article →

Make your Back Stronger with Yoga

Make your Back Stronger with Yoga

“After working for hours in front of my computer, I have developed a severe back ache”. Does it sound familiar? Well, it’s not just your story; it is a common problem which is faced by majority of us, thanks to our hectic lifestyle. Even with a bad back, you go on working for days. However, it is extremely necessary to take steps to reduce the discomfort and pain. This is… Read Article →

Why you should ditch those dumbbells

Why You Should Ditch Those Dumbbells?

Are you a workout fanatic? Can’t you miss a single workout session at any cost? Is resistance training an indispensable part of your exercise regime? If so, you must be in love with your dumbbells. But, it’s time to ditch them. Even though it might sound as the most stupid advice that you have ever got, it is better to take heed of it. Keep your free weights aside and… Read Article →

Beginning with Exercises Get your Basics Clear

Beginning with Exercises? Get your Basics Clear

Are you planning to start exercising? Do you have everything sorted out? Well, it is essential to get your basics clear if you really want to see the results. When you start exercising, you must not only be aware of the types of exercises that you need to do, but also the food you need to eat and how much rest you require. You want to hit the major workouts… Read Article →