5 Sleeping Myths Busted!

You might be working out hard and maintain a strict diet to get those fabulous abs. But, if you haven’t given much importance to sleep, all your hard work will go in vain. It is really important to get ample rest so that your body can recover from injuries and can gain back the energy lost throughout the day. People often tend to ignore sleep when they are chalking out their daily regime. This negligence arises due to the myths that are associated with sleeping. In this article, we have these myths busted. Know the truth and get set to build a healthy regime.

  1. You can replace lost sleep

Contrary to popular belief, lost sleep cannot be replaced. If at a Friday night, you sleep late, you cannot expect to catch up on lost sleep, even if you sleep for longer hours on Saturday. You might be feeling energized, but in reality, that sleep deficit is not reset. Your ideal sleep hours should be half of the hours that you are awake. Say, you stay up for 16 hours then you should ideally be sleeping for 8 hours. One or even half hour less and your sleep deficit piles on.

  1. Too much sleep makes you overweight

This is a very common myth that is associated with sleep. In fact it is the opposite. Studies have revealed that one hour of extra sleep a night can help you lose a pound in one week.  Those who do not get enough sleep, tend to eat more. This is because, Leptin levels drop when you are sleep deprived. The hormone Leptin controls your hunger and signals your brain that you have enough energy and fat storage. So, when you do not get much sleep, you will feel like eating more. When you sleep too much, the Leptin levels are full and you won’t have the food cravings, thereby keeping your weight in check.

  1. One glass of wine will help you sleep deeply

You might feel really sleepy after you have one glass of wine, but that won’t give you quality sleep. If you consume alcohol (in any form), within 3 hours of going to sleep, it is likely to disturb rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. You won’t get the deepest sleep and you will increase your sleep deficit. This will lead to your weight gain.

  1. Sleeping without interruption is necessary

It is not natural for an individual to sleep without any interruption throughout the night. You might need to use the bathroom or might want to drink water or just toss and turn in your bed. All these will wake you up a few times. This is not bad. If you again fall asleep within 10 minutes, then you don’t have to worry. But if it exceeds 15 minutes and continues for more than 90 minutes, it will be concerning.

  1. Your body can be conditioned for less sleep

It is not at all possible to condition your body so that it requires less sleep. You can get used to sleeping for five to seven hours and waking up early. But that doesn’t mean that you no longer need to sleep for eight hours. If you do not get adequate sleep, you can have many health issues in the long run.

Know the truth, sleep adequately and get a healthy body.

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