5 Signs that Show You are Obese

5 Signs that Show You are Obese

Are you more on the heavier side of the weighing scale? Do you fear that you are approaching obesity? Well, if you are confused whether you are fat or obese, you need to know about the signs that will make your confusion clear. Today, obesity is one of the most dangerous health problems worldwide. In USA alone, the adult obesity rate is 27.2 percent for 2013, which has increased by 10 percent from what it was in last year. Not only adults, even kids are also falling prey to this health condition. If you know the signs, you can start taking measures to deal with this deadly problem. Here are the signs that will clear your confusion.

  1. Sleep disorders

If you have trouble sleeping or are an insomniac, you are likely to become obese, which will cause you to snore.  Obesity is often linked with sleep disorders. So, if you have sleeping problems and you are fat, you are at a risk to become obese.

  1. Depression

Depression has direct relation with obesity. If you are fat and always remain depressed, you might be obese. You might feel embarrassed to go out or meet people and are always conscious of your looks. This can be a cause for your depression. So, if you are fat and always remain in a bad mood, you might be obese.

  1. Breathlessness

Every time you move fast or perform any physical activity, you are gasping for breath. If this is the scenario, you are probably obese. Obesity causes breathlessness in majority of individuals. They find it difficult to breathe properly when they do some laborious task.

  1. Joint pain

Joint pain can be for many reasons. It does not necessarily be related with obesity only. However, it has been found out that obese people are likely to suffer more from joint pain than individuals with normal weight. So, if you are on the bulkier side and feel joint pain more often, you might be suffering from obesity.

  1. Fatigue

Obesity can also be related with fatigue and weakness. Those who are obese do not find the energy to do their daily activities without difficulty. They always tend to feel weak and fatigued after little activity. So, if you are bulky and get tired easily, you are most likely to be obese.

Some Other Signs

Apart from the above five signs, here are some other symptoms which might help you to understand whether you are obese or not.

  • Uneven body frame

  • Flaccid fat in arms and thighs

  • Double chin

  • Bulging abdomen

  • Premature puberty

  • Additional fat around the waist

  • Trouble in carrying out daily chores

If most of the signs in this list match with you, then you can be sure that you are suffering from obesity. Once your doubts are cleared, do not just sit idle; take proper measures to reduce your weight so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

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