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FDA’s Requests for More Diet Pill Data Plunges Orexigen

FDA’s Requests for More Diet Pill Data Plunges Orexigen

The Food and Drug Administration requests Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. to submit more data before clearing its diet pill Contrave for sale. And Orexigen plunged around 73 percent after the U.S. regulators asked for their diet pill data. Vivus Inc., another diet-drug developer too fell. FDA wanted to know about the cardiovascular risks of Contrave. This diet pill would be the first marketed product of Orexigen. This diet-drug developer who are… Read Article →

Weight Loss Gastric

Gastric Bypass Surgery Provides the Best Weight Loss Results

The Archives of Surgery, the monthly professional medical journal that is published by the American Medical Association, published a study in their February issue stating that gastric bypass surgery is one of the best ways to lose weight. This health and fitness study compared 100 patients who had gastric bypass surgery against 100 others who had undergone lap band procedure. According to this weight loss study, patients who had gastric… Read Article →